Who Are We?

GorillaCode.com was officially started in October 1998 as a software development company. Today, TheBigApe’s time is spent managing large government software programs and bringing innovation to government agencies. The latest incarnation of GorillaCode.com is a musing meant to provide a better way for you to find the Development Tools you need. It allows you to search the Apple App Store using full text search, plus additional filters.

What is GorillaCode.com supposed to mean?

GorillaCode is the embodiment of the idea that: If you chain an infinite number of monkeys to an infinite number of computers, eventually one of them will write the code you need. This is a variant of the original that referred to typewriters and The Great American Novel. I simply viewed myself as one of many code monkeys in the workforce banging away for hours at the keyboard each day, trying to create something of value. – TheBigApe

Look mom, no Ads…

You’ll find no ads on the site, at least for now. All links to the App Store do include an affiliate code with hopes that your purchases will at least help cover some portion of the AWS hosting fees. You can support GorillaCode.com by just using the site and providing feedback / recommendations via our Contact Page. If you’re searching for other Apple products, consider using one of the links below.

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